aulya fadla

Aulya Fadla

Entrepreneur, Blogger, Husband (not in any order)

Pekanbaru, Riau.

SIK, Universitas Sahid Jakarta

AirSoftGun, Remote Control Airplanes, Obscure Programming Languages, cooking

Present Job:
Business Development Officer

Looking for:
Technology Management/Business Analysis Opportunities

GMail: auliya.fadla
Yahoo: auliya.fadla
Email: auliya at fadla dot or dot id

Auliya Fadla -Web 2.0 Design Bachelor’s Degree

I’ve been a blogger since 2003 but have only used WordPress since June of 2006. I blog about everything around me and other items that interest me. I enjoy writing material that helps and intrigues the readers mind. I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but I seem to have some keen ability to write articles that make sense. I look at things from an end user’s point of view as that’s who I am.

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  1. Aulya Fadla, salam hormat

    bos, saya mau bertanya berapa biaya untuk pembuatan CV di pekanbaru berapa bos.Ini saya mau buat cv dengan modal awal 10 juta.bagaimana cara / prosedurnya .tolong diberikan advicenya.terima kasih sebelumnya

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